We accept dollars

A part of my childhood was spent in a lovely house in a cul de sac in Street 47 in Islamabad. There were a few strategic bricks missing in the boundary wall between us at house no. 7 and our lovely neighbours at house no. 9. Those missing bricks meant we could check with each … More We accept dollars

Lahore, city of wonders

Lahore is one of those magnificent cities where ancient intersects with modern, where history rises and falls between ring roads and parks, between new plazas and malls and sometimes history stands tall in the middle of the urban landscape and then melts away to make way for something new, sometimes even standing awkwardly at odds … More Lahore, city of wonders

Welcome 2016

What is it about planes and altitude and perspective ? What is it about long haul flights, and seven uninterrupted hours to oneself ? What is it about not having recourse to a 24/7 feed of social media, be it Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, What’s App or Twitter, just to name a few ? As the … More Welcome 2016

A snippet in time

Sometimes a snippet of an old picture, the dulling, fraying edges of the paper are enough to kindle a memory lost in the archives of time. A brief glimpse of that image is enough to transport one back into the moment and bridge the time between now and then, between what is and what was. It … More A snippet in time